Click here to go to the Dreambus LIVE 2013 Talks, which are now available to rent or buy

Who’s Driving the Dreambus? LIVE is a unique event that provides an opportunity to listen to, debate with and question some of the leading communicators on the notion of ‘non-duality’ and the whole ‘Who am I?’ mystery.

It’s been described as the final furlong, because non-dual communication is where you might arrive after a long journey of searching for answers. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, an atheist, a person of faith, a scientist, a philosophy graduate, a philosophy professor, or are simply exploring what it is to be alive, then don’t miss the bus, watch this fantastic series of talks filmed on 31st August and 1st September 2013 at the first Dreambus LIVE conference in London. Available to buy or rent, you can now watch the full un-edited talks in high definition. Presented as Day 1 and Day 2, they include each day’s 5 speakers as well as the fantastic Dreambus LIVE panel sessions, providing over 5 hours of fascinating communication per day.

Dreambus LIVE – Day One Trailer

Dreambus LIVE – Day Two Trailer